The town of Besalú is located in an important and traditional crossroads to the east of the Garrotxa. Bisuldunum, its original name, was a fortress between two rivers: the Fluvià to the south and the Capellades to the north.

The name of Besalú comes from the existence of these two rivers, which in Latin is called Bisuldunum.

Besalú was the seat of an important independent county. It has a medieval historical-artistic group considered one of the best preserved in Catalonia.

The majestic Romanesque bridge over the River Fluvià is another one of the remains of the County of Besalú, which together with that of Barcelona, ​​Ripoll and Girona, saw the birth of the Catalan nation. Not only monuments have to be valued Besalú, but also because of the medieval air offering its streets full of memories.

Getting to know the history of the town of Besalú invites you to visit it and, in this way, be witnesses of an era that has marked a before and after not only in this municipality, but also in many places in the rest of the country. The medieval style charged by Besalú makes it unique and special.

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