rotects the immune system. Tea has a high amount of flavonoids and vitamin H that tend to help us to prevent the body's defenses and, in the same way, avoid cell damage.

Antioxidant count Antioxidants are the germ of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Thanks to its multiple properties of antioxidants they delay the aging process. Safeguard cells and tissues to free radicals.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It prevents blood clotting which is one of the causes of vascular accidents and heart attacks. Although there is no scientific evidence, it has been shown that there is a relationship between the consumption of tea and the diminished appearance of these diseases.

It attacks anemia, it is one of those foods included in the list to alleviate the iron deficit.

It provides hydration, contributes to good hydration so that our body works correctly.

No calories If you are taking care of yourself and want to lose weight the tea, it is a good ally, since having a hot drink has a highly satiated power and therefore helps eliminate anxiety for food.

It is diuretic, natural that helps us to eliminate toxins from our body.

You can taste a good tea in our room, alternating the bathrooms and massages!

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