60 €

AQVA CONCERT mindfulkit:It is an experience with music through the vibrations of water in a unique environment.

Come this Christmas to enjoy a unique experience by Edgar Tarrés on Desember 26 at 6pm.

A bath tour around the three different temperatures: Frigidarium (cold), Caldarium (hot) and Tepidarium (Temperate). The Tepidarium pool is floating, offering the possibiliy to the visitor to enjoy a bath of purifying salt, in a space built on the walls of the II-V centuries. The space also consists of a cistern and well dating from the 14th century.

The visitor can finish the experience with the Hammam or steam bath, the Salt Room or Salt therapy room, with mineral and medicinal advantages, a hydrotherapy corridor with water and stones, not forgetting the quiet room, a space ideal to taste a nice tea. 

The duration is 90 minutes (30 minutes concert). Time center 2H. aprox

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