This Sunday, October 6th, there is free entry throughout the morning to the museums of History, History of the Jews, Art, Archeology and Cinema.

Museum of Archeology of Catalonia.
A monastery, a remarkable example of the Catalan Romanesque, with a valuable archaeological background to discover the oldest history of man, from the Palaeolithic to the medieval period.

Museum of Art of Girona.
Discover an exceptional collection of Girona and Catalan art - sculptures, altarpieces and paintings from the Romanesque style in the Noucentisme - in the historic building of the Palau Episcopal de Girona. A trip to our origins.

Museum of History of Girona.
A journey through the history of Girona from the Roman foundation to the contemporary. It occupies the ancient Capuchin monastery of Sant Antoni, from the s. XVIII that conserves surprising spaces like the cemetery and the cistern.

Museum of Jewish History.
The museum, located in the same space as the last synagogue in Girona (1492), gathers the history of the Jewish communities of medieval Catalonia. A lively tour to discover a culture that is an inseparable part of the history of the city.

Museum of Cinema, Collection Tomàs Mallol.
You will live and you will see the history of the moving image, from the theater of shadows in the cinema, through the Tomàs Mallol Collection. An interactive, playful and educational exhibition, attractive to all audiences.

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